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Webinar: What You Don't Know About IRAs and Taxes Can Hurt You

Do You Know How to Maximize Your Retirement Income?

Do You Know How to Maximize Your Retirement Income?

Understanding when and how to take IRA distributions can make the difference between an awesome or stressful retirement. In this webinar, you'll learn the answers to crucial questions like:

  • Do beneficiaries matter on your IRA?

  • Should your IRA be in safer investments than your other monies?

  • How long should your retirement income last?

  • What are the ins and outs of retirement distributions?

  • Are you up to date on recent changes to IRAs and qualified money?

  • What are the best ways to minimize taxes on your IRA?

BACK9 Retirement Solutions is Your Retirement Pro - we'll make sure you're more ready than ever for your approach to retirement.

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Presented by Joel V. Russo

Presented by Joel V. Russo

Joel V. Russo is the Co-Owner and Managing Partner of BACK9 Retirement Solutions.

Joel specializes in all areas of retirement strategies for both individuals and businesses with a concentration in income distribution and tax planning. With over 30 years of experience in financial services, Joel has dedicated his career to helping his clients reap the rewards of a well-planned retirement.

Joel's area of concentration was inspired years ago when he witnessed the challenges faced by his parents who had not been advised properly regarding retirement savings. Joel's passion then became helping his clients to avoid some common mistakes made by those entering or in the retirement phase.

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