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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning is the cornerstone of our firm. BACK9 develops a plan that addresses your current position and future goals and objectives across various financial disciplines. These disciplines are broadly categorized as investment management; retirement planning, including wealth accumulation and income distribution (provided through Back 9 Retirement Solutions); estate planning; risk management; and business owner services.

BACK9 Retirement Solutions

BACK9 Retirement Solutions

Demographics, research and experience show that not having a plan for creating a retirement income stream is a major concern. How do you “make the turn” and transition from accumulating assets (the front 9) into the distribution of assets (the BACK9)? How do you create an income stream to replace your paycheck and compliment social security and any pension you may have?

To address the need for a focused approach to retirement income planning, we developed BACK9 Retirement Solutions. We employ a process similar to our comprehensive planning approach, with a focus on retirement income planning. We utilize two different cutting-edge technology solutions; one specifically developed for retirement accumulation planning and the other for retirement income planning.

Our fundamental service philosophy is:

”We offer advice supported by product; we do not sell off the shelf products”

Extensive academic and professional research has been done on the various approaches to retirement income planning.

We believe our approach provides clients with the optimal combination of two widely accepted strategies to address their major concerns in retirement income planning:

(See ” Front and BACK9 Considerations “ )

Time Segmented or “Bucket’ approach; Incorporates a multiple bucket strategy with the first or current income bucket being un-invested and fully liquid, then each subsequent bucket slightly more invested for growth, with the last or “legacy” bucket fully invested.
Guaranteed Income Approach; Implement guaranteed income solutions combined with social security income and traditional company pension income (if any available) to create an income “floor” to meet fixed and essential expenses.
Our team at BACK 9 Retirement Solutions can help you get to the 19th hole!

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Our goal at BACK9 Retirement Solutions is to help ensure that you will have the retirement income and resources you need to live the life you want, now and throughout your years in retirement.

“We strive to provide inflation adjusted income for life”

Focus on the Front 9 or Accumulation Phase

Focus on the Front 9 or Accumulation Phase

  • Asset accumulation
  • Asset long-term growth
  • Current savings
  • Time to recover from market downturns
  • Tax-deferred growth

Focus on the Back 9 or Distribution Phase

  • Current income distribution
  • Longevity risk
  • Asset long-term growth
  • Downturns immediately felt
  • Sequence of returns risk
  • Required minimum distributions

5 Most Common “Hazards” of the Back 9

1. Longevity Risk

  • Outliving your money
  • Plan through, not to your retirement !
  • People are living longer in retirement

2. Inflation Risk

  • Decreasing purchasing power over time

3. Financial Market Risks

  • Drops in value leading to potential shortfall

4. Sequence of Returns Risk

  • When you retire can be as important as with how much
  • When you experience market returns, not what market returns you experience

5. Health Care Costs

  • Rising cost of health care
  • Custodial/home care
  • Medicare vs. LTC

Broadly speaking, there are two main phases of retirement planning: accumulation and distribution. Historically, financial planning for retirement has focused primarily on the accumulation phase of retirement (the front 9 of a client’s retirement life). Less attention has been given to the period after retirement begins, when the individual must manage both the investment and distribution of the accumulated assets. Most financial advisors do a good job of helping clients during the accumulation phase. They may help with investment management strategies and retirement projections for their clients. However, few advisors focus on the BACK 9 or income distribution planning. BACK9 Retirement Solutions assists our clients with both phases of retirement with a focus on the BACK 9!

When thinking about retirement, do you ask yourself any of these 9 questions?

  • How much will I need in retirement to meet my desired lifestyle?
  • What’s the best way to replace my paycheck from my retirement accounts?
  • Where should I invest now, what about market risk and volatility?
  • What can I do to ensure I don’t outlive my money?
  • How much will inflation affect my retirement income and lifestyle throughout my life?
  • Have you established a plan to minimize your taxation during retirement?
  • How will I afford health-care expenses or a severe health care event?
  • Do you have a plan to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries efficiently?
  • Do you have a clearly written plan to maximize your retirement income?

To discuss the above in more detail as it pertains to your personal situation, contact a BACK9 advisor today!