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Meet the Team

Our commitment to excellence coupled with a unique blend of experience, specialized expertise, cutting edge technology and passion, allows us to create highly personalized retirement income solutions. We help our clients make “The Turn” from earning an income, to intelligently creating income from their assets, social security and any pensions they may have.

We “deliver intelligent income solutions and advice, supported by best of breed products, we do not lead with products.” Contact us today for your free sample Retirement Income Plan!

At our firm, we have the client—and only the client—in mind.

Developing the best solution possible for each client on an individual basis is something we take very seriously. As such, BACK9 prides itself on being a completely independent financial advisory firm.

We are not affiliated with any insurance, investment or technology companies. We do not have any proprietary products.

This independence allows us to provide unrestricted access to the “best of breed” financial solutions and products available in the marketplace that best fits YOUR unique situation. We may be compensated through fees and/or commissions, depending on the solution and products selected. This compensation flexibility allows us to provide the best solution for you, our clients.

We strongly believe that it is vital to educate our clients in order to make more informed financial decisions. Many claim to deliver superior service. We practice it every day as we serve our clients.

Your Retirement Pros

Manos G. Cito

Owner, Founder



Manos Cito is the founder, co-owner, and managing partner of BACK9 Retirement Solutions. Manos has over 25 years of diversified financial markets experience and specializes in retirement income planning.

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